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Swedish Massage or Thai Massage – What’s the Difference? This is how our students describe them:

Swedish Massage

The classic spa massage. Swedish Massage is passive – meaning you lay there and let someone else completely take care of you. Most people find it very relaxing to both the body and our unusually busy minds. This style of massage is generally done in a very modest way with oil applied to your skin. Areas of stress and tension are massaged out using a variety of strokes.

Swedish massage is a great choice for almost anyone – including elderly and children. It provides numerous health benefits.

Students practice a general relaxation style while they work on refining special techniques they are learning in class. Depending on the student and where they are at in the program this may include deeper pressure and acupressure.

1-hour full body Swedish Massage $55

Thai Massage

Hot growing trend in the U.S. Thai Massage is interactive – meaning it requires your participation to get the full effects. Thai Massage tends to be deep pressure and involves slow controlled stretches much like assisted yoga. Many people find this style more invigorating or energizing than Swedish massage, however deep effects of relaxation are experienced afterwards.

Thai massage is done fully clothed on blankets or a mat on the floor. The student works within your comfort level, and will need your feedback during the massage. Please wear appropriate clothing that allows for easy movement.

Thai massage is excellent for athletes and anyone in relatively good shape that stays active. It increases flexibility and provides a sense of being more ‘open’. One female student over 50 said “Any woman who does yoga and wants her hips to feel more open should definitely try this!”

1-hour Thai floor pattern $55

90-minute Thai floor and seated pattern $65

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