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Interesting Case Study Examples of Hypnotherapy with Cynthia
(from my FaceBook Postings – Touch of Tao)

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An interesting phenomena has been coming up with the Hypnotherapy work I'm doing, specifically in the area of Healing by opening to Higher States of Consciousness.

Several people have reported back that since their session they have an increased awareness and expanded experiences - sometimes teaching dreams or other types of information coming to them - in 3 distinct areas:

- Non-Linear Time: being taught about it, understanding it differently, having a sense of experiencing it.

- Changing or Activating their DNA: again, being taught about it or having a sense that this is happening in a variety of ways.

- More direct communication with their Higher Self, Guides, or an improved sense of Intuition.

It's almost as if by expanding awareness and consciousness while in a SubConscious state something is opening.

These areas are fascinating to me, and I intend to explore this more. I'd love feedback from you, if you've had a session with me as to what you've experienced in these areas. Please message me privately if you don't want to comment on the post.

Healing Grief In Hypnosis: (shared with permission)

(In hypnosis) I asked where in their body my client felt the grief - their heart - and what color it was - gray. They said it wasn't the color gray, it was the word GRAY spelled out in all caps.

Then the cause of this grief, their little dogs, came running in and ran all over the letters messing them up. Wait, they actually changed it to spell the word JOY instead.

The little dogs personally delivered the message to feel Joy in their heart instead of Gray Grief, and they were happy and playful and beautiful and had much to say from where they are now. Their entire communication was powerfully healing.

It's so interesting that with our conscious mind we might tend be logical or too serious about accepting this, however in a hypnotic state our subconscious mind completely embraces this shift and begins to immediately feed the new message to our entire body-mind complex.

Imagine all of the changes in chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters, gene expression, inflammation, breath, posture, Qi flow, and more.#HealingHappens

I am so inspired by how we do this.

Our subconscious minds are SOOO fascinating! (Shared with permission)
I did a hypnotherapy session with a client who wanted to explore why they had lost their sense of smell for most of their adult life.

In hypnosis, they experienced themselves in a prior lifetime feeling very alone while watching lava flow from a volcano. They sensed the volcano had something to do with why they felt so alone.

Later in the session, when we asked their subconscious mind why it had shown them the volcano, they said (still in hypnosis) it was because it had caused the smell of burning flesh.

At this point, a higher spirit guide entered and began to pour healing energy into their body. The client was speaking and telling me everywhere it was going, and that it was healing their sense of smell right now. Their entire body shook and vibrated for several minutes while this happened. (Yes, I completely felt the energy in the room shift also - wow)

After the session was over, the client had a direct memory of smelling burning flesh in a hospital emergency room many years ago. They remembered saying to themselves "I can't stand smelling that!" - and this is what had blocked their sense of smell. Their body physically responded to that command and stopped smelling. Now that blockage is released, and they were given direct information about how to start smelling again.

Wow, I love my work!! People are so beautifully amazing.

Well I didn't see this one coming!

(shared with permission) I was doing a hypnosis session to see if we could find any past events related to some chronic pain and the person immediately went to a specific even that happened as a young teen. We re-framed the emotions involved (hate and embarrassment), and I asked if there was anything else in the past that was relevant to any health issue they currently have.

The person spontaneously went into "spirit" form. They said they were floating, formless, had no name, and it was extremely comfortable. They followed a white light with blue in it.

Next, they were "in a tree". After several questions about what they were doing in the tree and how they got there, with answers that were very strange and I was trying to figure out what they meant, they said "I AM the tree - I AM in the tree", meaning their Spirit Self was remembering a life as a tree.

Their description of it was beautiful - peaceful, what they could see as the tree, how it felt to be in the tree "as if inside a glove that is the tree".

Next they spontaneously went into the formless floating "spirit" again following the white light, and then were in a life in the 1950's. It was a very happy life with explicit details about why.

After the session, they felt great and their pain was gone. I got a follow-up text 2 days later that said they have had zero pain still, even while driving long distance, and they had some major personal insights about the importance of being around happy people in life, and enjoying life - which they attribute to the memory of how good it felt to be in a happy life.

Regarding the pain - when emotions like hate and embarrassment are bottled up in the body, there can be a Western diagnosis like arthritis or some other disease. However, clear the emotions and the pain is gone. Isn't that incredible? We do that with just our HeartMinds. We are amazing beings. This is why I love healing so much! People continually completely inspire me.

I can make you a custom guided hypnosis meditation audio

What Clients Say About Working With Cynthia:

“In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you I have worked with Cynthia McMullen for over 15 years. She has always been an exemplary massage therapist, instructor and healer. I am a scientist by training, Biology and Chemistry, so her style of energy work, magic and invisible healing has always been foreign and suspect to me. I began working with her for massage therapy based healing about a year ago. Her knowledge of how energy moves and her skill at moving energy in the body is tremendous. I experienced a change in my health with my first session.

Cynthia gently suggested Hypnotherapy in one of our sessions. I poo-pooed it. Not for me. I’m not letting anyone mess with my mind. No way. In her gentle and unobtrusive way, Cynthia did not bring it up again. But the suggestion was there and a few weeks later, I said let’s give it a try.

But wait … I will be in control the whole time, right? Cynthia reassured me and explained how the process worked and that, no I would not be clucking like a chicken. Nothing would happen that I did not agree with. She explained that hypnotherapy is an extreme state of relaxation that would allow for communication with parts of myself otherwise not accessible.

So, here comes the reason I am writing the first review/testimonial I have ever written - Cynthia guided me in a journey that revealed to me my life purpose and who I really am. It was, by far, the most incredible experience I have ever had. Her guidance was impeccable. Her words were gentle, comforting, reassuring and nonjudgemental. She never pushed me into an uncomfortable position. I was aware the whole time. She asked questions that took me where I needed to go to answer the questions I came to her with.

If you have any interest in hypnotherapy healing, Cynthia McMullen is your person.” ~LAL

“Hypnosis was incredibly relaxing and safe for me. I had some apprehension over anyone or anything speaking directly to my subconscious. After Cynthia knowledgeably explained how and what hypnosis was all my apprehension faded away. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and of great benefit to me. I, like most people don’t know how to relax. I never fully developed the ability to differentiate different parts of the body that are tense. Trying to relax without knowing how is both fruitless and frustrating. She was able to not only get my body and mind into deep state of relaxation but also give me key words, phrases, and images to work with so that I can reach that deep relaxation on my own. I highly recommend her!” ~D.W.

“The sleep hypnosis tape you made me is excellent. I love it!!” ~B.M.

“I kept thinking about the scenario you guided me through all week, and it really put me in the direction I’ve been wanting to go in.” ~B.N.

“Wow. That was weird, but in a good way.” ~F.G.

“When I started to see Cynthia my pain level was at about 12, just excruciating every single day. My doctor had run out of options and I didn’t know how I was going to continue living like this. I was ready to try anything. She taught me how to use the power of my own mind to decrease my pain and it works! I’ve been seeing Cynthia for several months now and not only is my pain level unbelievably less, I can feel my body starting to heal. From the deepest level of my core I know I’m healing and I can’t even express in words how tremendous this feels. Thank you so much!!” - DJL


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