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TuiNa Pain Relief Clinic

Tuina Medical Acupressure


Back Pain * Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain * Knee Pain

Injuries * Repetitive Motion Pain

Saturdays 12-5pm &
Sundays 12:30 - 5pm

$55 / 30 minute pain relieving session, community setting

Private Sessions Available Outside of Community Clinic Times

Call NOW to Relieve YOUR Pain! 907-279-0135

What can you expect?

We had 2 female clients who had a pale gray/blue complexion, withdrawn, were low energy and complaining of back pain. Their color and some vigor returned immediately with their first treatment along with pain reduction. By coming in every week they are spending more time pain free and finding themselves more productive.

A male client presenting with frozen shoulders reported that this past week his worst shoulder was free of the constant pain that he normally experiences during the work day. Both shoulders have reduced stiffness with increased range of motion allowing him to now lift his arms.

Some clients are very happy to report a reduction or elimination of headaches due to neck and shoulder pain. Clients with low back pain have experienced increased mobility due to pain reduction.


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